“You can’t spend time with money.”


One of the last statements spoken from Eli to his mother, Trina Florence-King, is one that has paved the way and the inspiration to reach the young and polished alike: "WE CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE RIGHT WHERE WE STAND." and with that at the heart of all the foundation shares and stands for, now,



The founder of The Eli Foundation, a 15 year old young man, believed that the sharing of his life and the insights given to he and his family, coupled with the foundations GIVING PROGRAMS, could help provide the financial resources needed to sponsor pediatric leukemia families in need. The Eli Foundation non-profit corporation further believes that all charitable donations given from the public at various annual charity events, website donations and products provided by the online STORE should be designated solely to the program services and supportive nature Eli created his foundation for. And now, FOUNDATION SPONSORS can make their annual pledge of support, whether it be goods and services needed throughout each tour schedule or by choosing the Tour-Buy-In Program, making an annual donation of only $2500, which features said companies and/or organizations as a NEWSLETTER sponsor for the proceeding years. 

KING ELI, as we referred to him after ESPN'S feature stories that touched our nation and provided THE INSPIRATION needed  to build the 501c-3 non-profit corporation, wanted his "Struggles to be

worth something to someone" say's Eli's mom, president/speaker & vocalist for The EliFoundation,

"You Can't Spend Time With Money". And though most victories of support are often bittersweet, Eli's dream

of helping others is coming true, one family at a time! 

ELI'S MOM SHARES a message of Hope, Strength & Perseverance as The Eli Foundation tours annually reaching out with it's arms of support that lend themselves to getting back to, "The Golden Rule" and creates the opportunity for professional guest and featured speaking engagements that are sought after by various businesses, schools, professional athletic associations, churches and many other organizations seeking to encourage their staff, team and/or community to "use their gifts and talents to make someone else smile." 

5 years into "Making A Difference" The Eli Foundation is announcing the replica of honor and integrity modeled by 5 Senior High School athletes, THE LAKE FENTON FIVE, now, within our professional world of sports as our Nation can once again have the privilege of example through The PRO5 & Affiliates, providing "Athletic Outreach Supporting Pediatric Leukemia Families.". As athletes are nominated, considered and chosen to be one of The PRO5, careful consideration is made to their integrity on and off the field, court or track as well as their desire to "use their gifts and talents to make someone else smile." Therefore, "Making a difference" one word, one gesture, one charity venue at a time!  

To schedule an Athletic Outreach Venue call: 616-734-9100

From the Lake Fenton 5 to the Pro5

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