“You can’t spend time with money.”


The Inspiration

Prior to Eli’s diagnosis of AML Leukemia, he played on two baseball teams and hung out with friends in between. But, Eli didn’t just love the game of baseball, he was a very gifted southpaw pitcher (clocked at throwing 62mph at 9yrs old) and first baseman. And he could rally his teammates like no other. Then, after nearly 5yrs of competing in Junior golf, he was chosen to represent the USA for the 2003 Canusa games, returning only 9 days before his life was changed forever. You see, my son was just like your child, giving this life their best shot and expecting life to give its best back. And he set an example for all of us until the very moment he left this world to enter into the next where he would spend eternity with his Heavenly Father.