King Eli

“You can’t spend time with money.”


On Aug. 20th, 2003, my son, Eli, was diagnosed with AML Leukemia (30 days from his 11th birthday). And prior to that day and every day after, Eli was an active, vibrant young man who loved life and lived every moment to its fullest. The only difference after his initial treatment was his ability to participate in the same ways that he used to. With cancer many of your choices are taken away. But, you still have a choice of how you handle what you’re facing and Who’s strength to draw from. Eli knew that God’s plans are perfect and that God’s strength never runs out. And he taught those around him where to go when facing their own times of struggle. He taught us the true meaning of a childlike faith. When Eli decided to initiate a foundation that would help other AML families make it through, he knew what the goal really was. Yes, finances are needed. But, the true vision behind Eli’s dream was to replace a parent’s income to help create an environment that would allow a parent and their child to experience that “special time” together where nothing else matters except the moment they are in. Not the energy bill, time off work on the house payment..... nothing else! Eli always knew what the most important things in life were: relationships with those you love and the moments you share with them. I could go on forever telling you the things that happened in between 8/20/03 and 10/14/07, but there isn’t enough room or time. So, if I could, I would like to leave you with one request. Please take the time to look around the website and learn how one person can change the hearts and lives of so many. Then ask yourself how you can contribute to furthering his message of hope and perseverance.