Giving Programs

“You can’t spend time with money.”


Congregations or individuals seeking to help support The Eli Foundation provide their flock with the opportunity to donate $1 per week, per family for one year. This would equal $4.33 per family, per week or $52 per year. Never offering more than one dollar per week or a one time offering of $52 within one year for this program. The hope of this program is not only the financial gain for the Foundation to further its ability to help AML Leukemia families during treatment, but also strengthening one’s faith by having each participating family pray for the families that will be helped throughout the year from their support. And, furthermore, believing in faith, that the $1 they have pledged each week will multiply as this opportunity is presented around the world to other giving, loving congregations who are called to participate.

This program is for any car dealership or retail establishment wanting to participate. This will offer qualified buyer’s the opportunity to donate in increments of $5 beginning with $10 and ending at $20 at the time of final signatures for purchase. The sales person provides the buyer with the information about The Eli Foundation’s purpose, along with the promise of matching the buyers donation up to $20, making the total maximum donation from each purchase a possible $40. This program is one that Eli took part in developing just prior to his passing. It is an opportunity for individuals to give an affordable amount to a cause that will help others as well as provid Corporate support to maximize each gift.

This program provides annual tax deductible giving opportunities for individuals as well as organizations and corporations. This program helps to further ensure the Foundations giving potential, but also has sentimental value to Eli’s family and friends. This program tiers its annual giving opportunity with even numbers because Eli didn’t like things to be uneven or unbalanced. The highest contribution level is gold and begins with the number six, which is representative of Eli’s baseball number.

The one time or annual giving opportunities for this program are as follows:

• Bronze $20,000
• Silver $40,000
• Gold $60,000

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