“You can’t spend time with money.”

Eli’s Mom Shares


Right now, God is teaching me how to live here while my son’s address is HEAVENLY. And though I now have to ask Jesus to kiss and hug him for me, I know my son is experiencing perfect peace. Before my son went to “hang out with Jesus,” he made a request of me that would not only begin my healing, but, would also help others. His Foundation’s purpose is to raise money to help replace the loss of income to a family when one parent chooses to take leave from their job to be with their child 24/7 during their initial AML treatments. Though I am grieving the physical presence of my son, God is holding me. And my heart is overjoyed to have this God-inspired opportunity to honor my son’s wishes. Knowing that our memories cannot be taken away by this disease encourages me to help you attain a more stress-free environment while making new memories as you care for your child. The Eli Foundation “You can’t spend time with money” is here to help with advocacy when needed as well as provide emotional and financial support. Advocacy plus hope equal a fighting chance.

Trina, FOREVER Eli’s mom